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Posted: Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Thanks for comfort during time of need

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Thank you for helping Margaret Abbott, Killerwhale clan mother, who was born May 1, 1912, and fell asleep April 21, 2006.

We wish to thank the following organizations and people who made my aunt Margaret comfortable and were with us during her last days: Center for Community workers, Ludy, Karen and other caregivers, Sarah Wilson, Brian Mckinney, Vannessa George and a very special thanks to Bernice Cranston.

We also would like to thank the Seventh Day Adventist Church for allowing us to hold services with the Salvation Army that Thursday and complete our goodbyes with the Tlingit ceremonies.

The Hansen family


Thanks for making Jumpers successful

On behalf of the Juneau Jumpers, we want to publicly thank Alaska Airlines, Taku Glacier Lodge, Wings Airways, Allen Marine Tours, Temsco Helicopters and the White Pass and Yukon Railways, for their generous donations of prizes for this year's raffle. Thanks also to Bullwinkles Pizza for contributing printing costs of the raffle tickets. This year's prizewinners are Randy Wiest, Kim Jones, Debbie Hull, Chris Phillips, Dan Gaisford and Carol McCormick.

The 2006 Juneau Jumpers fundraising raffle was a huge success, and we thank all the Juneau community members who bought raffle tickets in support of our team. Proceeds help pay team expenses and enable team members to attend skills camps and compete at national championships.

Thanks to all the folks who attended the end-of-year show, which let the team demonstrate the skills they've acquired over the past year. We are very proud of our hard-working team and very grateful for the support this community has given them.

And finally, a huge thank-you to the team coaches: Karen Ross, Paula Kalbrener, Randy Quinto, Debbie Leamer, Dan Landen and assistant coaches John Neary and Dave Carlile. Each has contributed countless hours over the last year helping our children gain skills, dexterity, stamina and self-confidence that will last their lifetimes. We thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.

Jan Rutherdale

Juneau Jumpers

Thanks to the kids who picked up litter

I want to officially say thanks to everyone in Juneau who picked up litter today, but especially to a bunch of kids who live in the apartments at the end of Rainbow Row by Hayes Way. I was out picking up litter along the street and ditches on Rainbow Row, when first one, then two and eventually five or six kids asked what I was doing, immediately followed by the question "Can I help?" The area beside the apartments is a swampy, messy area at best. At worst, it has become a dumping spot for all sorts of junk and was littered with trash, construction materials and broken toys.

Some of the kids admitted they had thrown stuff in the water there themselves but agreed it looked terrible. Several of them went home, donned boots and rubber gloves and came back to help get much of the trash in the messy bog near the street picked up. When I became too tired to continue, I thanked the kids for all their help, and they asked if they could have the two remaining empty bags I had with me so they could go clean up a place in the woods where trash had blown or where bears had carried it. A few minutes ago, I drove past the area and noticed that those bags have now been filled and added to the pile of others that we had collected earlier. So again, thanks, Rainbow Row kids, for helping to make Juneau a little bit cleaner today.

Louise Holland


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