High school seniors look to the future, think about economy

Posted: Sunday, May 24, 2009

Other than spring fever, end of May usually means senioritis is in full swing. That itchiness to get out of class early - or even failure to show up - can afflict even the most studious of high school seniors. But what happens next?

After graduation on June 2 and a well-deserved summer break, what are students from the Class of 2009 planning? And how has the ecomony, if at all, affected their career choices?

The following are comments from a few Juneau-Douglas High School seniors:

Joe Funk, 18

After graduation: "I'm going down to Montana State University to go into their civil engineering program, and after that hopefully I'll come back up here, preferably living in Juneau, to work for one of the local firms."

Economy: "I think it'd be awesome if we can get that new pipeline. That could create a new boost and hopefully get the state economy going again. Plus, the second crossing might happen, and it'd be fun to work on that. In the field that I'm looking into, it's pretty promising so far."

Aldyn Brudie, 18

After graduation: "In the next couple weeks, a friend, a fellow senior, and I are going to go to Europe for a month and a half, and then I'm going to come back and work - gain back all money I spent - and go to Portland State. I think I'm going to do international studies in French."

Economy: "It's kind of hard, because I've heard of recent college graduates who are just coming back, and I don't mind coming back to Juneau, but they are coming back to Juneau to work because they can't find jobs anywhere down South. It kind of makes me nervous, but with an international studies degree, I think I'll be able to live and work overseas if I choose to do so."

Monica Mondich, 18

After graduation: "I'm working all summer at a cruise line downtown, and I'm going to college in Arkansas to study nursing."

Economy: "I was thinking about going into counseling, but I think that'd be a little bit harder to get a career in, because nursing is more in demand right now than any other job, so (the economy) has affected it a little bit.

"Other seniors are affected by the economy. I think all of us are in a way. It's going to be harder to find a career choice that we'll be supported in."

Joshua Odum, 17

After graduation: "I'm going to get my EMS training and my fire degree in Coos Bay, Ore., and I'm going to be a firefighter."

Economy: "The economy hasn't really affected my career choice. I've always wanted to be a firefighter. I was going to volunteer no matter where I go.

"We went to an open house in Coos Bay. That's is where I was born, so for my grandparents and family it was an easy switch to a community college. I can get my training and get paid a lot more to do what I want to do.

"I think the biggest thing the economy has affected is the colleges that students want to go to, because everybody has their dream colleges. But you look them up and your jaw drops."

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