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Posted: Thursday, May 25, 2000

Due to the pristine beauty and the unscathed nature of Glacier Bay, it's time to ban all tour ships in that area and all forms of pollution. We should return the bay to the Tlingit nation so one can live a true subsistence lifestyle before we ruin this great land.

I work in a medical clinic in town and yesterday we had six local cruise line employees in our office. Don't tell me that the visitor industry does not impact all of our community.

Last Saturday, I tried to play tourist with my visiting mother and my daughter. We went downtown around 11 a.m., and many of the shops were closed. How can we Juneauites spend our money if the shops are closed on a Saturday?

It's too bad that the caller who called yesterday thinks all downtown stores only carry T-shirts and totem poles. Many carry beautiful artwork created by local artists.

Will the neighbor's barking dogs please stop playing their boom boxes, it makes it hard to listen to the helicopter noise.

Can the Peace and Quiet Coalition do something about the ravens outside my window at 5 a.m. in the morning?

Can somebody tell me how many whiners signed the Declaration of Independence?

What kind of message does the advertisement send to kids by saying ``put that in your pipe and smoke it?''

How about that Tony Knowles? After reading the My Turn yesterday, it's obvious that Knowles makes Wally Hickel look like a saint.

To the mother who can't breast-feed and work at the same time, you better learn how to do two things at once now that you have a kid. That's why there are breast pumps and refrigerators. There are millions of moms out there doing the same thing and you can too. You'll get used to it.

I just returned from a walk out the Loop Road to the glacier, and cars are still driving around with studded tires. Do we have no regulation or no enforcement of the regulations?

Thanks to the environmentalists and the laws that they created, there is only one junked car below the slide area of Thane and not 100.

Regarding the tailgating debate, if everyone would do the speed limit and stayed in the right lane and used the left lane for passing - everything would be just fine.

Why doesn't the city move some of their staff to the city mental health clinic location so it would be easier to get building permits?

To the person who is appalled about obese children, I'm appalled at your comment - it was downright rude.

Juneau is full of caring people. I would like to thank the young man who took time to let me, a gray-haired senior citizen, know that my wallet had fallen off my car. I was so appalled at my stupidity that I did not get his name or license number. I hope he reads this and realizes how much I appreciate his concern. Despite its complainers, Juneau is a great place to live and I am grateful that I am here to share its beauty.

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