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Posted: Sunday, May 25, 2003


I love seeing the people who are interested in Alaska. I love the hustle and all the new faces who chose to come here considering what a big world they have to choose from. We should be flattered.

The tourists deter me from coming downtown because of the added congestion in both auto and people traffic. I prefer to be downtown in the off season much more than when the tourists are here.

The weather is nicer, the shops are open and even we locals do visit some of them, and the visitors on the street create some excitement, but I walk, not try to drive in downtown. If we had a better harbor for visiting yachts between the subport and Gold Creek that would draw locals as well.

I would be less likley to go into town due to the lack of parking and crowded sidewalks and stores.

I avoid the downtown area in the summer as it's too crowded. It's nice to see a bustling economy, but if I wanted more people and congestion then I'd move to Seattle or Los Angeles.

Let's get real. What is there to go downtown for if you don't go to bars? Downtown is a ghost town when the tourists are gone, and it is so crowded you have to step off the sidewalk to go down the street when they're here.

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