Road would solely benefit mines

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, May 25, 2006

The current Department of Transportation's rush to extend a road north from Juneau is a poorly disguised corporate subsidy for the Kensington Mine and for other future mines north of Berners Bay.

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Realizing that few Alaskans would support construction of a road solely to benefit mines, the Murkowski administration has cleverly packaged an ill-conceived road with an unrealistic budget as a "way-out" for pent-up vacationers and a "way-in" for weary legislators. Yet, it's time for reasonable people to "weigh-in" on this sham. This is a road to nowhere, a death trap to rival the Seward Highway, and an attempt to spoil a beautiful wilderness fjord primarily for corporate gain.

The current marine route is perfectly suited to the lifestyles and culture of Southeast Alaskans and visitors looking for a unique experience. Ferries give us a chance to slow the pace, visit with our neighbors and enjoy the scenery.

The road construction, on the other hand, would likely run out of funding once past the best mining claims, and we'll be left wondering why the dead end still feels so dead.

John Neary

Tee Harbor

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