The Legislature let seniors down last week

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, May 25, 2007

How do we know who our friends are? We know who they are because they are the ones who show up when the chips are down.

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Last week, in the last days of the legislative session, the chips were down. The capital and the operating budgets, totaling more than $10 billion were on the House floor, and there was not one cent there for our seniors.

Despite a series of floor speeches and an amendment, the bill that addressed senior care and the Longevity Bonus was kept in committee and not brought to the House floor.

The values of a state are shown in many different ways. One way is how a state (in this case the legislators) treats those who are least able to speak for themselves and who are most in need. May 16 was a dark day.

This bill would have paid roughly 6,800 seniors $120 a month. The current program expires June 30.

Rep. Andrea Doll


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