Dump road to nowhere

Posted: Sunday, May 25, 2008

Add my voice to that of Mike Miller and Bill Glude concerning opposition to this ill-conceived and ludicrous dead end road, and the vicious old men who are pressing it forward.

The road itself will end at a ferry terminal! However, these people want the state to spend billions - yes, billions - of dollars so they can drive an additional number of miles to another ferry terminal. This is nonsense. Gasoline and diesel prices are rising at a rate never before seen in history. The economy is in recession. Construction costs are skyrocketing.

Further, this contingent of men pushing for this road will be dead before this boondoggle is even built. As for the supporters, if they want a road they can drive out of town on, then they can move down south.

I have climbed and supported climbers along this entire mountain range along east Lynn Canal. On every expedition, I heard or observed large rockfalls, snow avalanches, mass wasting incidents, or debris from rock falls.

The ridiculous road route presumes to challenge a very dangerous mountain range, and this road will lose the battle. Construction workers will be killed building it. Tourist and local drivers will be killed driving it, and that is when it is opened, because this stupid road will be torn off this range regularly, blocked, damaged, and it will gain infamy as the most expensive road in the world to maintain.

To close, with oil prices skyrocketing, the state suffering financially, the world in an economic crisis, the last thing we need is to spend billions and billions of dollars building a road that will become world famous as the road of death. There are more than 50 avalanche chutes, debris flows, and rock fall hazards along the coast of this dangerous east Lynn Canal mountain range.

We already have a road to the ferry terminal. Dump the road to nowhere.

Garri Constantine


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