Word of mouth

Posted: Friday, May 26, 2000

My boat has been boarded, searched, checked and received written warnings from the Coast Guard. In all that time, the one memory that comes back is the time I picked up that radio and said I was in trouble. We owe a lot of thanks to the Coast Guard - they never get thanked enough.

Everybody is coming to Celebration 2000. They are on the way up here right now. Could somebody please remind Sealaska that all these groups have worked years to raise the money to come up here? We don't want to hear the politicians, we want to hear respected elders.

Outside experts should be brought in to solve the latest murder since past murders in Juneau remain unsolved.

I noticed the voluntary guidelines for the tour buses in the Empire. I also noticed that many of the buses are not complying.

Voluntary compliance is a joke - a bad joke. It's the assembly's way of not doing anything.

All of the aircraft operations on the Gastineau Channel should be conducted at the airport. It's a lot safer at the airport and that's the purpose of our airport - to provide flight transportation.

Why can't the Peace and Quiet Coalition give us some peace and quiet?

I own a dog. When I go out in public places, my dog's on a leash. When it poops, I pick it up. Come on people, pick up after your dogs.

People should expect the unexpected.

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