Little League local scores

Posted: Friday, May 26, 2000

Scores and highlights from Gastineau Channel Little League baseball and softball games for week ending May 18, 2000


Subway Rockies 19, A&P White Sox 6 Subway Rockies 16, Taku Lodge Orioles 5

Western Auto Marlins 12, Taku Lodge Orioles 10

- The pitcher, Elliot Ford, had no hits in last two innings.

Subway Rockies 16, JPD Cardinals 2 Glacier State Devil Rays 17, A&P White Sox 11

- Jonathon Davis and Spencer Corcoran pitched. Taku Lodge Orioles 14, Klukwan Inc. Mariners 7

- Jon Jeans pitched 11 strike-outs.

Subway Rockies 9, Western Auto Marlins 2

Glacier State Devil Rays 18, Klukwan Inc. Mariners 8

Subway Rockies 11, Douglas Electric Dodgers 9

- Good game.


CPOA Cardinals 5, Juneau Empire Braves 1

- John Cashen and Kevin Koenig-Miyasato singled for their first hit in the Majors

Ike's Fuel Reds 8, Reliable Transfer Phillies 5

Downtown Union 76 Mariners 11, Super Bear Twins 3

- Rob Lindsey hit his 1st major league home run. Logan Spencer went 2-for-2 at the plate for the Mariners. Ryan Fagerstrom made a great diving catch to end the game.

Downtown Union 76 Mariners 12, PTI Royals 8

- Mariners cam from behind to win. Robert Slagle hit 2 for 3 and Chris Pannone hit a triple for the Mariners. Blaine Shaisnakoff went 2 for 3 with hard hits for the Royals.

AK Marine Line A's 6, CPOA Cardinals 5

- Jason Cyphert pitched 10 strike-outs. Joe Kohan had a double-play and two RBI doubles. Zack Anderson had an RBI triple.

Valley Auto Angels 5, AK Native Brotherhood Diamondbacks 4

Reliable Transfer Phillies 27, Juneau Homebuilders Pirates 0

- Jerry Spraggins, Collin Monagle, and Landon Harris went 4 for 4. Josh Monagle had 2 hits; Jamen Hulegaard, Billy Fisher had 3 hits a piece.

Downtown Union 76 Mariners 4, ANB Camp Diamond Backs 2

- Zach Gray had his first major league start. Austin Roberts went 2-for-2 with his first major league hits. The Diamond Backs played a tight defensive game.

Ike's Fuel Reds 8, Juneau Homebuilders Pirates 5

PTI Royals 9, Super Bear Twins 0

- Matt Walton pitched a four-hit shut-out. Derek Antrim went 3-for-4 and hit a grand slam.

Reliable Transfer Phillies 12, Juneau Empire Braves 1

- Jamen Hulegaard and Josh Monagle pitchers 15 strike-outs together. Josh Monagle went 3-for-4; Landon Harris went 2-for-3; Billy Fischer went 2-for-3.

Valley Auto Angels 6, CPOA Cardinals 4

- Angels rallied from two runs down. Excellent defense by the Cardinals.

CPOA Cardinals 6, Downtown Union 76 Mariners 2

Ike's Fuel Reds 10, Juneau Empire Braves 5

Valley Auto Angels 4, Shattuck & Grummett White Sox 0


Gallery of the North Diamond Backs 8, Moose Lodge Red Sox 7

- Matt Decker pitched a great game. Alec Haralovich had two triples.

Teamsters Local 959 Cubs 8, Moose Lodge Red Sox 4

Masonic Cardinals 14, AK Marine Line A's 5

- Good base running and hitting

Auke Bay Floors Mariners 13, AK Marine Line A's 6

- Steven Shaishnikoff had an outstanding pitching performance.

Gallery of the North Diamond Backs 5, Moose Lodge Red Sox 3

- Jacob Ridle pitched four strong innings. Red Sox' Wesley Hayden went 2-for-3 with two RBIs.

Teamsters Local 959 Cubs 11, Gallery of the North Diamond Backs 4

- Ryan Rud faced 31 batters with only three hits in his first complete game of the season.


AK Pacific Bank Angels 7, Construction Machinery Mariners 3

- Ritchie Hayes pitched five innings with two hits for the win. Aaron Larson pitched with bases loaded to get out of the jam. Orrin Johnson had a two-run triple and Byron Wild had a double.

AK Pacific Bank Angels 6, Juneau Excavation Royals 4

- Dillon Hickey pitched and went the distance for the win with three hits, one walk and 15 strike-outs. Byron Wild went 2-for-4.

Goldbelt Cardinals 18, Desmont Construc. Reds 10

- Isaac Cadiente went 3-for-4; Kenny Taug went 3-for 5. Chad Dubois was the winning pitcher.

Construction Machinery Mariners 14, Alcan Electric Yankees 3

- C.J. Keys, Brett Fairchild and Matt Freeman had 3 hits a piece. Matt Garrison had four RBIs with two hits.

Goldbelt Cardinals 9, Alcan Electric Yankees 0

- Winning pitcher was Kyle Lanz. Wilbert Ridgeway went 2-for-3.

AK Pacific Bank Angels 5, Desmet Construc. Reds 3

- Aaron Larson got the win while Manny Ford earned the save. Dylan Hickey went 2-for-3 with a double. Reds: Bryce Mecum went 3-for-4; Erik Hendricksen went 2-for-4.

Goldbelt Cardinals 5, Construction Machinery Mariners 4

- Chad Dubois was the winning pitcher. Saving pitcher was Kyle Boudreau. Derik Wythe made a great defensive play.


Delta AK Reds 17, Haight & MacLaughlin Twins 5

- Amanda King pitched her first majors game with four strike-outs for the Twins.

Evergreen Motors Angels 10, Kohen Realty Pirates 6

- Alycia Cox, Jessie Post & Dana Lyon hit home runs; Madison Massey pitched a great game. Kudos to Pirates pitchers Hannah Barril and Tori Powers. Game aired live on KINY.

Delta AK Reds 11, Super Bear Cardinals 10

- Katie Monagle had a grand slam home run; Kendra Gordon pitched eight strike-outs.

Evergreen Motors Angels 12, Delta AK Reds 9

- Player of the Game: Andrea Doerflinger.

Kohen Realty Pirates 15, Super Bear Cardinals 4

- Tori Powers was the winning pitcher and also hit a grand slam. Katie Laliberte was the relief pitcher with two strike-outs.

Evergreen Motors Angels 26, Haight & MacLaughlin Twins 2

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