Contradictions, conflicts

Posted: Sunday, May 26, 2002

Brian Johnson's letter in the Thursday's Empire with "three cheers" and very highest praise for Vic Kohring and other Senate Republicans is enlightening.

Kohring co-sponsored HB1 to move the capital, and HB28 to hold the 2nd legislative session "outside of Southeast Alaska." Kohring's draconian "10 point plan to Save Alaska" includes closing the Capitol and the State Office Building in Juneau, re-locating the capital specifically to the Atwood Building in Anchorage, including all department headquarters. Incidentally, this is from a representative who claims to be a fiscal conservative.

Kohring also plans to end subsidies to organizations, eliminate tax dollars to tourism, fisheries, agriculture, public TV, radio and the arts and close the governor's mansion.

Doesn't Brian Johnson work for the Juneau Economic Development Council as the director of the Business Assistance Center? Isn't JEDC an "organization" partially funded by the state and which supports development in SE Alaska?

I respect Mr. Johnson's First Amendment rights, but does anyone besides me see contradictions or conflicts of interest here?

Erik Lie-Nielsen


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