No heliport in Thane

Posted: Sunday, May 26, 2002

What would a Thane heliport actually cost the public? In addition to the cost of acquiring land and air rights, major road improvements will be required, plus extension of sewer and water utilities.

While this cost is uncertain but apparently quite high, the cost to Thane residents is clear. The Sheep Creek site would increase noise for many residents. Putting a heliport here would also eliminate the use of Sheep Creek beach for fishing, barbecues and Bonfires, walking dogs and enjoying a great beach on a summer day. Extending Thane Road to a Dupont site would significantly increase noise and traffic in Thane and eliminate the use of Dupont by boaters, hikers and fishermen. Tour buses driving through Thane every half-hour for more than the whole summer would fundamentally alter the peaceful, safe nature of this neighborhood.

I firmly oppose any heliport in Thane. When the true costs are disclosed, it may well be that the voters of Juneau would prefer to put their limited tax dollars into education, police or some other worthy and underfunded project rather than into a partial and not very effective solution to the noise problem.

Susan Linzmeier


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