Some Democrats like men, too

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, May 26, 2004

The Republican bumper sticker statement mentioned in the Anchorage Daily News May 22 issue, "Republican women ... like men!" is cute sexual innuendo. However, studies show that men tend to rate sex as a top priority while the same studies show that women rate sex well below several other needs. Therefore, I suspect that a presumptuous man made that overgeneralized statement about what women like. In fact, it probably was a Republican conservative man since it sounds like an order.

Being a Democrat-type woman, I shall speak for myself and offer some realistic counter-slogans based on facts: Democrat women ... like insurance coverage for contraceptives; ... like health care; ... like pay equity; ... like reproductive rights; ... like comprehensive sex education; ... like ending violence against women; ... like equal rights. Oh, and many Democrat women ... like progressive men.

Barbara McDaniel

Big Lake

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