Protect Bristol Bay salmon from mine

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, May 26, 2005

Last Wednesday the Juneau Empire ran a guest editorial (Kenai Peninsula Clarion) in support of the proposed Pebble Mine.

If the Pebble Mine goes through, it will be the biggest open pit mining operation in North America, and will be located at the headwaters of the Nushagak and Kvichak rivers.

The author of the editorial craftily proposes that Alaskans "Ask tough questions throughout the planning process of the mine." Tough questions have been and are being asked and Northern Dynasty Mining Co. keeps lumbering ahead through the permitting process of the mine. The Author proposes asking tough questions but discourages action when carefully spun unsatisfactory answers are given.

The other day I was visiting with a legislative aide who is in support of the mine. A comment he made in passing stuck with me, "In politics when things are going along quietly this is good for those who want legislation or projects to go through. The less vocal the public is, the more binding legislation can take place behind the scenes. The quieter the Pebble Mine planning process, the better."

If the Pebble (open pit) Mine goes through, my fishing-related career will be destroyed. I have asked tough questions and they have been smoothly answered or ignored and the behind the scene permitting, fundraising and logistical work continues. I am not pacified. I urge anybody who cares about Alaska to join me in demanding the protection of Bristol Bay salmon and the pristine environment Lake Iliamna has to offer.

Andy Bullick


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