Thanks for the water balloon, lummoxes

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, May 26, 2005

To the lummoxes who thought it was cool to throw water balloons at bike riders from a moving vehicle on Sunday, your description and that of your vehicle have been reported to the police.

One of the individuals receiving a balloon was my girlfriend. Both of us thought it would be nice to take our sons out bike riding on a beautiful day. As we were heading north on Riverside by Rotary Park at 4 p.m., a nice, new, full size black GMC or Chevrolet SUV traveling south swerved on to the shoulder, threw a water balloon and sped off.

An innocent joke on a hot day? No, a painful experience for a woman who did nothing to warrant such an attack. A quart of water going roughly 50 miles per hour slamming into someone's chest has a number of effects. As I was saying, it was, and still is, painful. It is also very disorienting. Luckily, she had enough wits about her after being slammed not to run into traffic or have a serious accident.

So, gentlemen, and I use the term very loosely, next time you're cruising around without a whole lot to do think twice about the consequences of ignorant actions.

Tom Brice


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