Alaskans should back salmon standards
With all of the recent global upheaval in the salmon markets about consumer awareness of healthy and safe seafood, I am surprised to see that latest buyers and promotions of Alaskan salmon are not including the Alaska Quality Seafood standards.

Some Democrats like men, too
The Republican bumper sticker statement mentioned in the Anchorage Daily News May 22 issue, "Republican women ... like men!" is cute sexual innuendo.

Restore eagles' wildness
On Memorial Day, when we remember the sacrifice made to protect our liberty, we should also remember the symbols of that liberty - the flag and the bald eagle.

Castrate me, Doc
In her letter to the editor (24 May, 2004), Myrna Gardner wrote, "... if a man impregnates over three women and isn't married to her and doesn't pay child support, he should be circumcised."

Give Iraq back to Iraqis
Recently, a person sent you a letter calling our war in Iraq a "righteous war."

Vasectomies, not circumcisions
On Monday, May 24, 2004, I submitted a letter to the editor titled "Equal Laws for Men." In this letter, I made a mistake in my choice of words. I

Leman wrong on Miller
Lt. Gov. Loren Leman made a huge mistake in coming out publicly in strong support of Mike Miller, for a number of reasons.

HB 527 would've helped Native shareholders
Well folks, looks like we struck out at home base for a second time.

GOP chair's support not surprising
The fact that the GOP central committee continues to support party chairman Randy Ruedrich is entirely fitting.

No flip-flop by governor
Your editorial comment in the Wednesday, May 26, 2004 Empire should help set the stage for the upcoming special session.

Offering moral support, but unable to vote
I just went down to the Mendenhall Mall to vote on the new school but apparently because I am not a U.S. citizen I cannot vote.

Proposed bus route changes upsetting to Juneau riders
Robert Muroe is concerned about how the proposed changes in downtown bus routes will affect his life.

Huna Totem seats three board members
Nearly 84 percent of Huna Totem shareholders cast votes in an election last weekend that unseated one board member and re-elected two others.

Around Town
Around Town is a listing of local nonprofit events.

Ski area requests $100,000 more from the city
Eaglecrest Ski Area business manager Gary Mendivil said the recreational site in Douglas has been losing money since its inception 26 years ago because people have a misconception that skiing is not affordable to ordinary people.

Editor's note
An article in Friday's Empire about the Juneau Community Charter School paraphrased a parent who used the analogy of adopted and biological children to say the charter school should be treated the same as other schools in the Juneau School District.

Change in command
United States Coast Guard Rear Admiral James Underwood, left, and Rear Admiral James Olson "troop the line" during Wednesday's change of command ceremony at Centennial Hall.

Police & Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reports.

Viola virtuoso
Mary Ruth Ray plays viola during a free concert Wednesday at the State Office Building.

Former painter, now filmmaker, draws the art from old film prints
When film decays, the damage appears in the form of scratches, blobs, discoloration, holes. To the casual viewer, it's an obstruction. For New York City filmmaker Bill Morrison, a former painter and animator, it's art.

Now what? Voters' message remains unclear
Tim Spengler, who voted for the Dimond Park high school Tuesday, said he didn't know many people who were dogmatically for or against the school.

Voters: Don't build the school
A slim majority of voters on Tuesday told the city not to build a high school at Dimond Park that has been planned since 1999.

Around Town
Around Town is a listing of local nonprofit events.

An article about the Dimond Park high school in Sunday's Empire misstated the rate of student participation in after-school activities by students at Juneau-Douglas High School.

World War II veterans reunite
Some things are worth fighting for.

Police & Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reports.

Touring the tourists' haunts
While many of the 2,001 passengers of the Coral Princess watched the Mendenhall Glacier in awe, a group of 41 fifth-graders of Harborview Elementary School were looking at her lavish casinos and Broadway-style stages in matching amazement.

Surfing Yakutat
Of all the times I've dreamt of it over the years, I never imagined that my first time surfing I would be more concerned about being attacked by a bear than by a shark.

Bail stands for accused in Wigen case
The man charged with killing Margaret "Maggie" Wigen last year would have had barely enough time in court Wednesday to remove his handcuffs - if he hadn't been ordered to stay shackled.

Thank you
Messages of thanks from the community, to the community.

Student recognition
Congratulations to our students.

Keeping an eye on Mother Nature
From left, U.S. Forest Service naturist and interpreter Janice Miller Moss, Naomi Seidel and Robbie Piehl watch carefully as a cinnamon-colored black bear wanders by Sunday near the Mendenhall Glacier.

Pet of the week
Looking for a mellow and sweet companion cat?

Helping Hands auction
Rhoda Walker has donated an original-design wall-hanging quilt depicting fruits and vegetables.

Nicanora G. Lorenzo
Juneau resident Nicanora Guillermo Lorenzo, 90, died May 25, 2004, in Juneau.

Special session born of necessity
After saying he would and then saying he wouldn't, Gov. Frank Murkowski on Monday said he will call a special session of the Alaska Legislature to focus on pressing issues, such as the state's fiscal gap, increased tobacco taxes, worker's compensation laws and capital projects.

Auke Bay was once like Berners Bay is today
Talking with old friends who recall the Auke Bay of 40 years ago, I get a picture of a place much like Berners Bay today.

Alaska small claims courts need reforms
With millions of Americans shut out of the legal system simply because they cannot afford to hire a lawyer, small claims courts provide a place for citizens to resolve common legal problems - without the expense of a lawyer or the hassle of complex litigation.

Sports in Juneau
Upcoming local sports events.

Local Results
Local sports results

Spring King Salmon Derby Standings
Here are the standings in the Eighth Annual Spring King Salmon Derby.

Southeast youth hoops team heading to Reno
Juneau basketball players Kyle Wales, Geoffrey Craig and David Wink are among 10 Southeast youths competing in a tournament in Reno, Nev., this weekend.

Spring King Salmon Derby Standings
Here are the standings in the Eighth Annual Spring King Salmon Derby.

Sports in Juneau
Upcoming local sports events.

This Day in History
In Alaska; In the Nation; In the World.

Alaska Digest
Staff and wire reports from across the state.

Alaska Digest
Staff and wire reports from across the state.

Shea says he may run for Senate
Former U.S. Attorney Wev Shea has told an Anchorage newspaper that he is disgusted with the leadership of the state's Republican Party and is considering entering the Senate race.

Williams retires
Bill Williams, the Republican co-chairman of the powerful House Finance Committee who was considering a run for the state Senate, will retire instead, he said Tuesday.

Landlord charged in woman's death
An Anchorage man was charged Wednesday in the death of Bethany Correira, the 21-year-old woman who disappeared last year from an apartment he managed.

This Day in History
In Alaska; In the Nation; In the World.

Battered LeConte
Superintendent Doug Miller moves past a large hole Tuesday on the port side of the Alaska Marine Highway's damaged ferry LeConte at Alaska Ship and Drydock in Ketchikan.

State withdraws helicopter regulations near Haines
Commercial helicopter restrictions ready to go into effect on state land in the Chilkat Valley have been withdrawn by the state Department of Natural Resources.

State OKs mediation with its largest union
Alaska's largest labor union and the Murkowski administration have agreed to bring in an outside mediator to help hammer out labor contracts for some 8,000 state workers.

what's happening
A preview of shows and concerts to come.

'Here's a little show for ya'
When the 1967 film version of Neil Simon's play "Barefoot in the Park" debuted, the Chicago Reader called it "a decent example of a vanished genre - the small character comedy."

Jazz & Classics Schedule
Schedule of the remaining items on the Juneau Jazz and Classics agenda.

Cyrus Chestnut's undeniable outpouring of joy
It was often said of jazz pianist Fats Waller (1904-1943) that his spirit was so effusive, he could transmit his powerful personality through the slim confines of a record's groove and the scratchy void of a phonograph horn.

The Swamp by Toe
Cartoon by local artist Toe

Wrapping up 18th Juneau Jazz & Classics Festival
The Dirty Dozen Brass Band began modestly in New Orleans in 1977, with seven young brass players who still retained an ear for the slowly fading, century-old legacy of jazz funeral music.

Concerts in the Park
Dates of upcoming concerts and shows.

Honor students to put on punk benefit show
One day this spring, Juneau resident Annie Calkins visited Juneau-Douglas High School to share her tales of a Kenyan town she had visited. A school she toured had few basic supplies.

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