No flip-flop by governor

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, May 27, 2004

Your editorial comment in the Wednesday, May 26, 2004 Empire should help set the stage for the upcoming special session. However, your two references to what you label "the governor's flip-flops" are incorrect.

The governor did not "flip-flop" on his decision to call a special session. He indicated throughout the regular session that he would call one if the Legislature did not address the fiscal shortfall. At the press conference the day after adjournment, he announced that the leadership was polling members to see if they would call themselves back in session. Not wanting to interfere with that process, the governor said he would not call one right away, but would keep his option open to do so at a later date. And that is what he has done.

The governor rightfully felt that a special session could be more successful if legislators called themselves into session. Because a special session must be completed by July 1 in order to get a constitutional amendment on the November ballot, the governor acted now to call the Legislature back before the end of June, even though legislators had not completed their polling.

The governor looks forward to a productive special session.

John Manly

Press secretary to Gov. Frank Murkowski

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