Shea says he may run for Senate

Posted: Thursday, May 27, 2004

ANCHORAGE - Former U.S. Attorney Wev Shea has told an Anchorage newspaper that he is disgusted with the leadership of the state's Republican Party and is considering entering the Senate race.

"I'm totally repulsed," Shea told The Anchorage Daily News. "I've just kind of reached the end of the road. I don't know how else to get these people's attention."

Shea, now an Anchorage lawyer in private practice, said he's "pretty close" to officially declaring his candidacy.

He would run against Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Mike Miller, a former state Senate president, in the Republican primary.

Shea has said he's appalled that Murkowski, Miller and Gov. Frank Murkowski have not taken a stand against the Republican Party chairman, Randy Ruedrich.

The state Department of Law has accused Ruedrich of conducting party business on government time when he was an oil and gas commissioner last year, among other alleged violations of the state executive ethics act.

Ruedrich also accused of leaking a confidential state legal analysis to the lobbyist for a company the commission regulated.

"I find the conduct of Ruedrich and the governor disgraceful, and I find that Mike Miller and Lisa Murkowski and others in a position of leadership, including the (party's) central committee, are being led around by the nose like a bunch of fools," Shea said.

Ruedrich called it a "dead issue" at the party convention last week, where he won the party's endorsement.

Shea served as U.S. attorney for Alaska during the first Bush presidency and is a longtime state party activist.

Told of Shea's possible candidacy, Justin Stiefel, Sen. Murkowski's campaign manager, said, "I guess you never know what someone's going to do."

Michael Pauley, campaign manager for Miller, quoted a comment Miller made at the press conference where he announced his candidacy April 14: "The more the merrier."

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