Outsiders: Kerin Wilson

Posted: Sunday, May 27, 2007

Occupation: Owns and operates the all-new Go Fish Grill, the red-and-white food and fishing pole shack on Channel Drive next to DIPAC and Gastineau Channel.

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About: Wilson moved to Juneau in 1981 from San Pedro, Calif. Down there, she ran a to-go-only pizza shop with her mother.

Wilson bought the shack from Charlie Polk and has been open for about three weeks. She sells cheeseburgers, halibut tacos, chicken wraps, coffees and in tribute to the Polks, the ever-popular Frito Pie.

"I kept them around, because where else can you get a Frito pie in this town?" Wilson said. "I don't know."

On the summer: "I can't wait until the kings come in, because then I'll get to rent poles. People keep scaring me and saying the dock and the beach is going to be lined with people fishing. I really don't know how I'm going to keep on top of that." (Wilson also sells fishing licenses.)

Outdoor activities: "My father-in-law has a boat, and that's just strictly for fun. I've played softball for almost 30 years now, every summer. This is the first summer I've taken off, but my team (Jovany's Pizza) made me go sign up to help."

The challenges: "It's working from the time I get up in the morning, to the time I go to bed. We finally had a sit-down dinner last night. Just sitting down and eating with my family was a real treat. Every bite was that much better than the one before."

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