Cow moose shot after charging boy

Posted: Sunday, May 27, 2007

ANCHORAGE - A female moose was shot and killed in an Anchorage neighborhood after it tried to trample an 8-year-old boy that got near the animal's newborn twins.

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A police officer shot the moose, which authorities said was likely protecting its calves when it kicked the boy on Friday, causing minor injuries.

The child, moose and calves were cornered between homes in the south Anchorage neighborhood with no easy way out, state biologist Rick Sinnott said.

"It was a like a closet back there," Sinnott said. "There was no way the police officer could do anything but shoot the moose."

The boy and other children in the neighborhood apparently did nothing to provoke the moose, police said.

The moose likely gave birth to the calves within the past week, probably around where the incident occurred on Kendall Loop near 84th Avenue and Spruce Street, according to Sinnott.

The boy was outside playing between houses when the moose appeared and charged, said police spokesman Lt. Paul Honeman.

Other children managed to get away, but the boy stumbled and fell. He ended up against a fence and protected his head with his arms as the moose began kicking with her front legs.

Anthony Oder, 15, was playing basketball nearby when he heard a faint cry. "I thought it was a dog whining," he said.

The teenager called 911 after he followed the sound and found the moose threatening the boy.

Oder and his friends shook the fence and threw rocks at the moose. The animal briefly backed off and made a move toward them, then went back to the boy.

The police officer arrived within minutes and shot the cow moose.

The male and female calves will likely be going to conservation or research facilities, Sinnott said.

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