Wet Dog crew checks in at Kodiak

Posted: Wednesday, May 27, 2009

KODIAK - The five people blazing the trail for a 2,000-mile personal watercraft race have reached Kodiak.

The expedition crew for the Alaskan Wet Dog race had been sidelined last week by mechanical problems and weather in Anchor Point.

But they were able to leave on Sunday, arriving in Kodiak on Monday night.

But team Leader John Lang says even this wasn't without its own glitches. He said one of the machines developed an electrical problem and had to be towed into Port Williams on Sunday. It broke down again on Monday and was towed into Kodiak.

The crew is working on that machine. If all goes as planned, Lang said they plan to leave Kodiak Wednesday.

From Kodiak Island, the Wet Dogs will head for Alitak Bay. The final destination is Iliamna.

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