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Posted: Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Once again Mr. Butch comes far short of the facts (DIA counterclaims, Empire, May 23). Looking through the correspondence, I find election dates for May 10, 12, 17, 19 and 27. Pick a day, I'm sure no one will be confused. One of the major reasons the 2001 election failed was because of the electioneering by an employee.

Dorothy Owen never misled BIA or IBIA It was the lawsuit and IBIA appeal, which got in the way of the election. The concocted election ordinance of 2003 had been worked on for two years. It was not acted on until Mr. Laiti's harassment of the inspector of elections; leading to her resignation and the postponement of January 2003 election. There is nothing arbitrary about invalidating candidates we know have done harm to the organization.

Mismanagement and theft are reasonable grounds as is harassing the inspector of elections. We just chose to use the clause from the DIA Constitution about fraud or misconduct. Mr. Laiti wasn't around when we started the petition for council seats. It was done to get more members to vote. It has always been the will of the council not to have write-ins.

The response to the BIA's question, regarding how we see ourselves as still being council member was never, "I appointed her and she appointed me." The true response is, "We swore an oath to protect and serve the best interest of the association in accordance with the Douglas Indian Association's Constitution and by-laws."

Let's get this fact clear: We followed the Douglas Indian Association's Constitution for the March election, (simply look up Article III, Section 3.C.) with the last legally adopted election ordinance, as of Jan. 24, 2003. Nevertheless, no election will fix the problems of gross mismanagement done in previous years. What's your big plan? To reinstate the nepotistic, practices of the past !

BIA's letter of April 30, 2003, states: "There was no consensus for another election or orderly transition." Furthermore it fails to mention, there was no consensus at the meeting to install a new council. BIA's malfeasance with outright interference into tribal administrative affairs has not helped matters.

Pure and simple, another election is absolutely unnecessary. The will of the members is already in effect. With firm correctness, with a new election, each member must receive a numbered ballot, with the last legally adopted ordinance of 2003, which is in legal accordance by constitutional mandate, which will make most of your candidates running ineligible for position of council of the honorable Douglas Indian Association.

Michael Dunlap


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