Heiman is a veteran

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, May 28, 2004

This is in response to the reader whose letter stated that "I would like to confirm to the community that the Empire does print exactly what you write." Recently Mr. Mike Heiman wrote a very eloquent, knowledgeable letter about the U.S. and foreign policy. The Empire removed/censored the word "veteran" from Mike's signature (I had read the letter beforehand and when I saw it in the paper, I was just wondering why it was no longer there.) Now I understand that they aren't going to print everything people write for the obvious reasons. However, I wonder why they felt it was necessary to remove/censor "veteran?" Did they feel that it in some way did not pertain to the subject that was being discussed? On the contrary, I believe having the readers aware of the fact that the writer was a veteran lends perspective, no matter what side of the argument the comments leaned to or no matter what one feels about the subject. I feel they did a disservice to Mr. Heiman by removing it.

Kurt S. Dzinich, Jr.


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