Why can't lawmakers get job done in time?

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, May 28, 2007

Why should we pay incompetent politicians another dime when they cannot get their job done in a timely manner?

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With today's computer and phone technology, if folks need extra time to do their jobs because they wasted it following their own rants rather than listening to the people of Alaska, then let them teleconference from their own offices in their own cities.

This will drastically cut legislative costs as no one will have to travel with their family, cars or pets, and no per-diem will be needed because they are at home and, unless they are fasting, they will have to eat anyway. This also will make them more accessible to the people they work for instead of hiding behind closed doors with secret meetings waiting to sell their vote to the highest bidder.

Tell your legislators to do their job or find another one, because we do not have to put up with snake oil salesmen.

Shane Wirtz


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