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Posted: Tuesday, May 29, 2001

Title and firm: Dave Sturdevant is the owner of a home stereo sales business, Audio Persuasion, founded about three years ago. "I operate by having people over to my home evenings and weekends. It's my showroom," Sturdevant said.

Services: "I sell high-quality stereo equipment and that means high-quality music. It's all based on putting a true musical presence in the home which can be done at a higher level than most people realize," Sturdevant said. "Yet the price may be the same as you would get at your local outlet store."

The main brands of tuner the public is familiar with include Sony and Pioneer. Sturdevant carries alternatives such as NAD and Arcam Electronics, plus three brands of speakers: Totem, Soliloquy and Reynaud. "They are literally the best brands from around the world. Totem is from Canada. Reynaud is from France. Arcam is British, and NAD and Soliloquy are American."

"I kind of eased into serving my own needs, and helping friends, and then opened a small business. It's rewarding if you like music," he said.

Sturdevant invites people to listen to his own system, and then, if they wish, he visits their homes and talks options. "All consulting is free," he added.

Quotable: "Most people simply haven't caught on to what music in stereo can do. The stereo typically sits in a cabinet on one side of the room, and the presentation is not much better than a boom box. If you properly set up a stereo, it will put a three-dimensional presence in the room. It's like having the musicians right there. Each instrument emanates from its appointed spot in the orchestra rather than sounding fuzzy," Sturdevant said.

Biographical information: Sturdevant, 53, grew up in Washington state and Wrangell, and has a master's degree in marine ecology. He has lived in Juneau for 24 1/2 years. He moved here from Fairbanks to take a job with the state Division of Environmental Conservation, where he works in water quality.

Family: His wife, Susan Baxter, teaches at Harborview Elementary School. Two daughters, Lissa and Blythe, are now in college.

Employees: None but himself.

Contact information: Call Sturdevant at 586-2843 evenings and weekends.

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