Fight the good fight

Posted: Tuesday, May 29, 2001

Assuming you intend to provide an open marketplace of ideas, Empire readers need to see more articles by great conservative writers like Thomas Sowell, George Will, Cal Thomas and Tony Snow, centrists like Bill O'Reilly and political cartoons by someone other than the often mean-spirited lefty Mike Luckovich. Instead of fuming feminist Ellen Goodman, why not occasionally print Linda Chavez or Phyllis Schafly?

Some of your recent editorial choices expose the excesses of the far left, wrong-wing extremists who billy-club truth, justice and the American way into a dizzy tizzy with their piffle and twaddle about "evil" conservatives. Wednesday's article 'Why Not Try Forced Marriages?" by Robert Reno, a bumbling, goofy assault on the sacred institution of marriage and conservative Bill Bennett, served Empire readers a putrid plate of liberal tripe that would make a billy goat puke.

In Friday's "Danger Lies Ahead on Civil Rights," the writers demagogically opined "The Bush administration seems intent on reestablishing the separate and unequal racial politics of segregation." How so? With the help of the most ethnically diverse cabinet in American history?

Such scurrilous attacks and spurious assertions should not go unanswered, but unfortunately, not enough conservatives fire back, many being cowed into silence by the standard left wing tactics of distortion, division, demonization and demagoguery. While examples of liberal smear tactics are legion, few outstrip the pathetic spectacle of a jack-booted, foam-at-the-mouth Teddy Kennedy, red-faced and hyperventilating as he viciously slandered, defamed and insulted eminently qualified Attorney General nominee John Ashcroft in a classic case of religious profiling.

Conservatives, let's not be afraid to share our ideas. The zealots of the left, afraid of ideas that challenge their politically correct, morally confused and ethically bankrupt dogmas, will no doubt aim their water cannons at us, but it's worth it. Let's fight the good fight, keep the faith and finish our course.

In conclusion, while the Empire has been extremely fair to local writers who lean slightly, ever so slightly, just a tad to the right of center (such as I have been accused of, shockingly enough) - we have also read more than enough bloviation and baloney from members of the Downtown and Douglas lefties club, and all too many outside editorials come from biased liberal sources. The Empire's editorial page needs more balance.

Guy Crockroft


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