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Posted: Wednesday, May 29, 2002

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Victims of a violent crime, regardless of its nature, suffer from it for the rest of their lives. Unless you are a victim you will never know what this feels like. Thank you Juneau Empire for running the story about Gail Marvin. The name of her attacker was already a matter of public record before you ran the article.

Charlotte Duncan

We would like to send a huge note of thanks to Leonard Robertson who generously assisted us last week. Thank you.

Gastineau Guiding

Just when life handed us one hardship too many, a lovely and unexpected rainbow appeared in the front yard. This rainbow weeded, planted and fed all the green things, removed all the yucky stuff and gave the landscape the promise of renewal. This rainbow was a neighbor we all know as the "Plant Lady," but her real name is Jeannie. She refused the check already waiting and ready on the windowsill by the front door saying, "It's my get well card for you." When we see a need and can do something about it for someone less able our community and our hearts blend and mend even in the worst of times. Thanks Jeannie Josephson for your thoughtfulness.

Lucille Kamm and Sharon Martin

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