What about Gary?

Posted: Thursday, May 29, 2003

Gary Paul Smith died Dec. 8, 2002 because of a drunk driver. Yes you can say any sentence can't bring Mr. Smith back, but you can serve justice.

I knew Gary since sixth grade; he was a good friend of mine. He never turned his back on anyone. He was a great dad and a great grandpa. He was a a kind, loving person and did no harm to others. He was a quiet person but his love for family and friends was loud and clear. He loved to take walks everyday. I often find myself still looking for him on his walks but all that I could see is his smile.

He was all that life could be but he isn't here anymore to be that because of a drunk driver. Everybody ask yourself if it was your kid do you think one year is justice? What will happen after a year with another D.U.I.? Will one year be enough time to think about what happened or will it be your kid next? It's like telling other drunk drivers it's OK. What about Gary's family and friends that loved him so much? You say to Mr. White what he does in the future is his choice. Gary didn't have a choice. Nothing could be given back to his family or friends but to see justice done. What about Gary Paul Smith?

BettyAnn Murphy


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