Juneau Planning Commission to reconsider mining ordinance

Posted: Thursday, May 29, 2003

The Juneau Planning Commission will try again next week to act on an ordinance allowing summary approval of changes to existing permits for rural mines.

The panel voted 4-2 Tuesday in favor of a motion to approve the ordinance as being in compliance with the comprehensive plan. But five commissioners were needed to send the ordinance back to the Juneau Assembly, which asked for the review. Three of the nine commissioners were not at the meeting and two voted against the motion, saying they needed more information.

Dale Pernula, director of the city's Community Development Department, said the ordinance will be up for reconsideration at the commission's meeting next Wednesday.

"I'm assuming at this next meeting or the following there will be a lot more detailed review of it," Pernula said.

The Assembly asked the commission to review the proposal for compliance with the portion of the city code that governs land use, and with the city's comprehensive plan. The Assembly is slated to consider the ordinance June 9.

The Planning Commission took no action on a second mining ordinance that would limit city review of rural mines that undergo state or federal environmental review, and would bar the city from imposing permitting conditions that are covered by state or federal permits.

That ordinance is scheduled for Assembly consideration June 16.

The Assembly split what was one proposed mining ordinance into two parts last week and sent them back to the Planning Commission for review.

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