Some express prudish attitude about war

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Posted: Monday, May 29, 2006

Jamison Paul (who last wrote May 5) continues to misunderstand my opinions, whether it's former President Bill Clinton turning a United Nations relief program into a combat mission that costs some of our finest their lives, or President Bush and Congress taking us to war in Iraq.

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I am tired of the prudish attitude some folks express about war. This attitude seems to run parallel to the Victorian policy on sex in the 19th century, an attitude that fostered child molestation and pornography. Because guilt over one's sexuality was the order of the day, we still haven't recovered from that damage. Until we try to understand and educate ourselves about war, we will not lay war to rest. Labeling war as evil and shameful does not promote understanding. Has anyone noticed that Hollywood pelts us with violence, and then the very same actors who fill their pockets by portraying violence speak out against war? Increasingly, electronic media teaches our kids to be violent with no safeguards in place to help them understand what they are seeing. I believe this attitude towards war to be prudish, rather than understanding that war is sometimes necessary.

I am tired of some folks claiming support for the troops but not the war. Paul Harvey interviewed a young Marine the other day. The young man stated that the only organizations that helped provide necessities (lip balm, sun screen, foot powder, etc.) for our troops in Iraq were conservative groups and church groups. Most of you have seen the Republican Women's Organization collecting items at local grocery stores. These wonderful women provide lists of our troops' needs, collect them and ship them out to the troops on their own time. I haven't seen any support of this kind from the Democratic Party in Juneau. People like me donate money to The Wounded Warriors Project to help families of injured or killed-in-action troops. We buy wrist bands from the Veterans of Foreign Wars and give them to people who care about our troops. The money from sales of these bands goes to injured soldiers families. When I see soldiers, I thank them for their service to our country.

If Mr. Paul is claiming that he carries a sign to protect our troops and bring them home to show his support, I must say I can't see our professional, courageous soldiers needing his protection. The answer for not getting involved in combat is to simply not join the military.

Gregory Acres


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