Keep to the right up for interpretation

Posted: Friday, May 29, 2009

I might have written before about speeding on Egan Dr. or thought about it many times. Everytime I see a letter of criticism for slow drivers in the left lane, I am tempted. The one by Clay Cummins in the April 23 Empire is an example. He suggests riding the bus and I heartily encourage him to do so.

Regarding the signs of "slower traffic keep right", the logical interpretation of that would be: traffic going slower than the speed limit should be in the right lane. If you are driving the speed limit or above, it should not matter which lane you are in. No one should be passing except for emergency drivers.

I see many drivers going 65 to 80 when they can manage it. Egan is an expressway. The freeways are down south.

Ward Lamb


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