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Posted: Tuesday, May 30, 2000

Jim Costa gets kids to eat vegetables as part of his job.

Costa, assistant store manager at Super Bear Supermarket, provides hands-on tours to young children at the Mendenhall Mall store. Costa, who has been with the store 20 years, said he works with preschool, kindergarten and first and second grade children.

``I just sit down with them in the middle of the floor in the produce section. I get them eating broccoli, star fruit, blood oranges, fennell -- they're willing to try about anything if I try it first,'' he said.

His efforts won him a Vocational Service Award from the Juneau-Gastineau Rotary Club. Awards, presented last week, also went to the Juneau architecture firm Jensen Yorba Lott, the Home Builders Association of Juneau and the Zach Gordon Youth Center.

Rotarian Leslie Longenbaugh said the Home Builders Association was acknowledged for its work with the Juneau-Douglas High School construction program. Jensen Yorba Lott was recognized for the job-shadowing and internship opportunities provided. The Zach Gordon Youth Center was recognized for work with youths and keeping kids in school.

Rotarian Barb Sheinberg, chairwoman of the service award committee, said all four recipients demonstrated outstanding mentoring for young people in Juneau.

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