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Posted: Tuesday, May 30, 2000

It's too bad that there are so many great teachers and administrators leaving the district. Maybe we should sit down as a community and see how we can help the teachers who are left to teach the students.

I'm a recent graduate of the adult education center and want to congratulate everyone on their graduation.

To the phoner who called the petition for a vote on flightseeing retarded I am a 46 year-old, hard-working family man who is also one of the petition workers and I don't need to grow up. Plus, I fail to see what developmental disabilities have to do with elections. And, the petition drive is proving highly successful. We will indeed have our vote.

In response to the ad that claimed that our new police station was entirely paid for by cruise ship-related sales tax. I don't think so - there are people who live here and pay sales tax every day of the year. The cruise ship tourists didn't pay for it - we did.

The Sunday My Turn was right on target. I miss the downtown of the 1970s when stores were for locals. Sure, it's prettier now but there's no reason for me to go downtown anymore.

In the interest of safety, it would be appropriate to paint some lines at the hospital intersection. It's a very dangerous intersection.

To the thief - you were spotted when you stole the net from the back of my boat. I now have your name. Just return the net and we'll leave it at that.

There are millions of cats in the United States. They kill one billion small mammals and hundred of billion of birds every year. Where's your cat right now?

To the caller concerned about the special education delivery system in the Juneau School District, perhaps you should check the credentials of the people in charge of that system.

Last week someone called in that substitute teachers should make more than $10 an hour. But from my understanding, substitute teachers are only expected to be babysitters - not teachers. Ten dollars is adequate for the job.

I've seen a lot of print and heard a lot of words on TV and radio, but I still have not seen the change regarding the voluntary compliance for flightseeing operators.

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