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Posted: Wednesday, May 30, 2001

...for health fair help

Alaska Health Fair would like to thank each and every volunteer, participant, business, organization and local and statewide sponsor for making the Juneau Public health Fair an overwhelming success.

Approximately 1,400 Juneau residents attended the April health event at Centennial Hall. Of the total participants, 700 adults chose to have their blood tested for anemia, diabetes, kidney and liver function, bone and tissue disease and coronary heart disease. Over 150 men participated in the Prostate Specific Antigen blood test that assists in early detection of prostate disease. Over 200 men and women participated in the Thyroid blood test and those who took part in blood pressure, height, weight, vision, hearing, glaucoma and summary and referral screenings numbered of 4,000. Medically trained professionals found approximately 600 participants to posses some sort of abnormality requiring either personal lifestyle adjustments and/or medical attention.

Health fairs assist people with information to make healthier choices to live longer and in good health. This enormous job is made possible with local support and financial support of BP Exploration, National Bank of Alaska, AT&T Alascom, Alaska Kidney Foundation, Chevron USA, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Alaska, State of Alaska Division of Public Health, Unocal Alaska, and Williams Alaska. Thanks go out to our local supporters including United Way, The Juneau Empire, Domino's Pizza, Heritage Coffee, Breeze In, Super Bear, Alaskan and Proud Market, McDonald's, City and Borough of Juneau, GCI Cable, and the Bartlett Hospital Cafeteria. Special recognition is due to Robin Paul, Angela Johnson, Kathy Miller and those amazing Public Health Nurses, Patty Owen, Margaret Stanley, Lance Brown, Joy Baker, Michael Fleishauer, Bridgett Easaw, Judy Neary, Judith Muller, Suzanna Gemmell, Angie Hammil, Karen Carlson, Sandra Landis, Rosemary Matt, The Janice Holst Dancers Against Drug Abuse, the Flying Lions, The Pioneers of Alaska, State Commissioner Karen Perdue who went above and beyond to see that this event happened in 2001 and the over 200 volunteers who gave from their heart to care for their community. I am indebted.

Valerie O'Hare

SE Program Director

Alaska Health Fair

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