Poppycock, Valley voters

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, May 30, 2004

Now that the vote on the new high school is behind us, Juneau can get back to doing what it does best: wringing its political hands over what it all means. What's the mystery?

Juneau only has one Costco, and one Fred Meyer, and now the voters have said we only need one high school. Interestingly, in the Valley, where the new school would have been located, the vote was very much in favor of the school. (Juneau Empire, May 27.) But those Valley voters were only thinking about their own self-interest in having their kids closer to a school, and not having to go so far for school events. Poppycock. We voters in downtown and Douglas know what's good for the Valley, and that's to have only one high school downtown.

Besides, I for one would not look forward to having our high school sports teams relegated to mediocrity by being split in two. Heck, there'd probably be a bidding war between the Valley and downtown over the next Carlos Boozer. That would be crass.

And I'm sick and tired of listening to school supporters bemoaning the fact that we've squandered the only opportunity likely to come along in years for hefty state funding of a new school. Haven't they seen the price of oil? It's the highest it's ever been, and will never drop. The state is going to be awash in oil money again, and railbelt legislators will be lining up to give Juneau bucks. I bet they're even going to give us the new Capitol building we want so badly. And if we don't get the new Capitol, that's probably a signal the capital is going to be moved some day, or maybe it will only be the Legislature that will move. One way or the other, that means fewer people in Juneau, so we won't need a second high school. See, those of us who voted against the high school were right after all.

Dean Guaneli


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