Southeast Road Runners Sea Coast Relay

Posted: Sunday, May 30, 2004

Team results from the 14th annual Sea Coast Relay, held Saturday on a course from Mendenhall River Community School to Eagle Beach Picnic Area. There were five legs - 3.42 miles to the University of Alaska Southeast Egan Library, 3.5 miles to Auke Village Recreation Area, 3.7 miles to Lena Beach Picnic Area, 5.81 miles to the Shrine of St. Therese and 5.39 miles to Eagle Beach. Individual leg results may run later this week in the Empire. They will also be posted on the Southeast Road Runners Web site,

Top five overall

1. Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Dave Pusich, George Johnson, Tristan Knutson-Lombardo, Shawn Miller (two legs)), 2 hours, 1 minute, 59 seconds; 2. Sub 5 (Gabe Hayden (two legs), Greg Frank, Wesley Dinnan, Tyler Dinnan), 2:13:19; 3. Jerry's Meats (Jim Douglas, Andrew Grossman, Jerry Buckley, Brian Goettler, Jon Pollard), 2:18:54; 4. It Takes Two (Lachelle Crotteau (three legs), Layne Brant (two legs)), 2:19:22; 5. O+ (Rick Thibodeau, Phil Moritz, Bob Marshall, Guy Thibodeau, Keith Levy), 2:20:11.

Female Open

1. Emily Ferry Squad (Deborah Rudis, Sarah Lamagie, Becky Jans, Susie Burger, Emily Ferry), 2:41:03; 2. (tie) Quakin' Quads (Teresa Lewis, Jean Mason, Gina Shirey-Potts, Heather Johnson-Smith, Stephanie Griffin), 3:04:06; 2. (tie) Quivering Calves (Shelley Saviers, Caro Rosier-Polley, Kim Zwingelberg, Charity Platt, Carol Johnson), 3:04:06; 2. (tie) Smokin' Hams (Heidi Lingle, Nancy Potts, Sandi Pahlke, Maren Haavig, Peggy Corazza), 3:04:06; 5. Sea Coast Coasters (Christine King, Nina Jahnke, Jessica Mikesell, Kailynn Welling, Melita Welling), 3:06:59; 6. The Coasters (Kate Slotnick, Chris Thomas, Nancy Thomas, Jill Anderson, Sara Poor), 3:11:21; 7. Poetry in Motion (Katie Perry, Cameron Young, Debbie Ballam, Laura Stats, Jan Beauchamp), 3:13:39; 8. Turtles-N-Hares (Kelly McCormick, Amy McLeod, Stacie Fain, Debbie Hart, Janet Valentour), 3:18:22; 9. Slytherin (Karen Lechner, Jessica Simeone, Heather Haugland, Linda Cohen, Monique Wheeler), 3:18:52.

Male Open

1. Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, 2:01:59; 2. Pain Train Brain Drain (Meagan Gleason, Jason Bavard, Nick Parmentier, Don Eagle, Aaron Logan), 2:40:54; 3. Faster in Reverse (Roger Bunton (two legs), Robert Bunton (two legs), Andre Bunton), 3:03:48.

Mixed Open

1. It Takes Two, 2:19:22; 2. Some R Runners (Dawn Walsh, Michelle Schindler, Erin Mitchell, John Walsh, Stefan Ricci), 2:29:01; 3. The Beauty Nuggets (Joe Erwin, Shannon Straight, Geoff Williamson, Sarah Clark, Topaz Shryock), 2:35:57; 4. Wuthering Tights (Jim Calvin, Eric Carver, Terri Calvin, Terri Fagerstrom, Julia Carver), 2:52:52; 5. The Slugs (Charlotte Scudder, Julie Carroll, Brian Lingle, Doug Scudder, Peter Jurasz), 3:25:26.

Masters Male

1. Jerry's Meats, 2:18:54; 2. O+, 2:20:11; 3. We Lack Zemo (Don Beard, Doug Weaver, Dave Thomson, Jim Ustasiewski, Jim Grammel), 2:42:43; 4. Tired and Retired (Tom Lawson, Margie Ridgeway, Stan Ridgeway, Steve Schmitz, Dan McCrummen), 2:45:36; 5. The Dashing Duo (Mark Stauffer, Bob Koenitzer (two legs), Zane Clark (two legs)), 2:54:20.

Male Youth

1. Sub 5, 2:13:19; 2. Voracious Voles (Zak Kirkpatrick, Ky Clark, Erik Schlechter, Ben Schlechter, Cameron Clark), 2:45:18.

Mixed Youth

1. Bears Don't Walk They Run (Elizabeth Parker, Kerriann Powers, Megan Bush, Tim Peterson, Tim Davin), 2:38:12.

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