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Posted: Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Lisle Hebert's letter to the editor ("Suggestions for Bush," May 3) kindly asked a Bush supporter to send in a letter listing the positive achievements of the Bush administration over the last six years. Being a strong Bush supporter, I immediately began to rack my brain to come up with a list of positive things our president has done.

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Approximately two seconds later, I remembered seeing pictures of the parades in Iraq. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi citizens celebrating the liberation of their country from the despotic ruler Saddam Hussein. How did Saddam get out of power? Glad you asked.

President Bush's military strategy is probably the best this country has seen in at least 100 years. OK, perhaps that's an exaggeration, but either way, at least this president isn't looking for terrorists in Sudanese aspirin factories and he's not receiving any "under the table" compensation. A breath of fresh air, eh? It's also very refreshing to know that only a few fringe nut cases want him impeached, as opposed to 50 members of the United States Senate.

If we had any leader other than President Bush right now, Saddam Hussein would still be killing innocent Iraqi citizens and their family members. The Taliban would still have Afghanistan under its thumb. Our military would have a lot less funding than it does presently. But perhaps President Bush's greatest success is that he isn't stirring up scandals here at home and his vice president isn't writing books about how the atmosphere will be completely destroyed by the year 2000 because of greenhouse gas emissions.

This isn't even to mention his tax cuts, which have benefited millions of Americans. Despite the liberal propaganda about "tax cuts for the rich," more than four million American families were pushed off the tax rolls and no longer have a tax liability.

What did your president do for eight years, Mr. Hebert?

Jeremiah Crockroft


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