Be careful around local camp fire pits

Posted: Friday, May 30, 2008

A wonderful sunny Memorial Weekend camping trip went horribly wrong for our friends and family this weekend.

A friend was severely injured when something caused our campfire to have a small explosion and a large object was hurled out of the fire and into her eye. It is still undetermined as to what the object was, but after the explosion, the area in front of where she was sitting was littered with large pieces of broken glass.

Several glass bottles, car parts, aluminum cans, etc., were found buried deep in the campfire pit.

Several fellow campers worked quickly with us to alert 911 and get my friend up to the main road, but the damage to her eye is very serious and she may never have vision in that eye again.

The reason I am writing is to urge anyone who uses our local camp and day areas to please thoroughly rake out your fire pit before starting a new campfire. Do not throw any bottles or trash in the pit because hot smoldering coals can cause glass bottles to explode.

Hopefully others will be able to prevent this from happening to them, their children, family and friends by taking that extra five minutes to be sure they have put all trash in a proper receptacle and not in a campfire.

Michele McCracken


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