Thanks for supporting Southeast Senior Services Care-A-Van

Posted: Friday, May 30, 2008

On behalf of the staff of Southeast Senior Services and the special people we serve, I want to thank the people of Juneau for their fantastic show of support this spring when we applied for the Care-A-Van contract. I am pleased to announce that once again we were selected to serve as the provider of Care-A-Van services.

Southeast Senior Services, a program of Catholic Community Service, has provided door-to-door transportation for persons more than 60 years of age since the fall of 1973. In 1982, the city of Juneau contracted with Southeast Senior Services to include transportation to persons with disabilities of all ages. Since that time, SESS has provided door-to-door transportation to our aging population as well as persons with disabilities of all ages.

Every five years, the city puts the Care-A-Van contract out for bid and SESS has always managed to win the contract. However, in March, we faced tough competition from two large, national transit organizations. While we were anxiously preparing the application to city, the outpouring of calls and letters from people throughout the community was tremendous. Individuals served by Care-A-Van, health care providers, senior citizen groups, fellow service providers, and community members from all walks of life came to our attention, asking how they could help. We received over 30 letters of support to attach to our contract proposal.

The excellent reputation and service provided by the Care-A-Van staff-driver, dispatchers and supervisor Dale Morris-have much to do with our winning the contract. A well-deserved "thank you!" goes to the Care-A-Van staff for the quality and friendly service they have provided over the years. And to the Juneau community, again, thank you for your kind words, positive energy and show of support during this critical time. It meant so much.

Marianne Mills

Program director, Southeast Senior Services


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