A trip throughSherwood Forest

Posted: Sunday, May 30, 2010

Thunder Mountain High School recently finished up their spring production, "The Adventures of Robin Hood," under the direction of Dawn Kolden.

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Photos Courtesy Of Cecelia Eggers
Photos Courtesy Of Cecelia Eggers

Top: From left, Laura May Fees, Rachel Sielbach, Kieran Poulson-Edwards, Wil Sangster, Kaden Womack, and Grady Wright (barely visible)

Above left: Seated in front: Savana Carroll, Lars Johnson, Ileta Galau. From left to right in back: Kinsey Marshall (only her hat shows), Ryan Hicks, Alora Pilgrim, Kirby Buckland (hat and shawl show), Katie Paden, Cera Kapuy (standing), and Marcella Smith (kneeling)

Above right: Laura May Fees, Jasmine Blackwell, Galen Wright, Rachel Sielbach, Grady Wright

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