Problem with class promotion

Posted: Wednesday, May 31, 2000

I live here in Juneau with my wife and two children. Our oldest child attends Floyd Dryden Middle School and has been failing all year long. We received a letter from the Juneau School District stating that our son was going to be held back due to the fact that he was way below the standards for being promoted. We understood this and felt he should go to summer school to make up this work. His teachers agreed.

Now out of the blue they are telling us he is being promoted. They will not return our calls on this matter. We do not understand. We have seen his failing grades all year long and received little help from the school in solving this problem. The standards of education in this country were supposed to be improving. It was made publicly known that children were not going to just be pushed through school if they could not meet the requirements. But here we are being told that this is what they intend to do.

It is hard enough to get a good job these days with just a high school diploma and no college, but the Juneau School District is just pushing kids out the door with no education at all. We want our child to get a good education and understand what he is being taught, not just shoved ahead with no clue as to what is going on. Do the teachers care? Does the school district care? Does the community care?

We care, and I hate to see money being wasted on teachers who obviously don't. I hear that the teachers' unions are worried about the rise in home teaching. Well I now understand why there is an increase in home care. We used to think that the schools here were better then the Lower 48, but now I am not so sure.

We would appreciate any help or input. This is the type of thing that is causing the downfall in today's society and explains the carefree attitude and laziness in today's youth. So many young people don't even think it is important to get an education. Instead of earning things - they just want them handed to them.

John WierzelewskiJuneau

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