Arts groups give back after Rogers' fire

Benefit concert aimed at helping couple that has made major contributions to the arts in Juneau

Posted: Thursday, May 31, 2001

A benefit concert to help George and Jean Rogers rebuild their home will bring together a number of groups from Juneau's artistic community.

The performance - at 7 p.m. Sunday in the Juneau-Douglas High School auditorium - is free. However, donations will be accepted to help the Rogers after an April 21 fire destroyed their home on Evergreen Avenue.

"It's about that generosity of wanting to do what you do artistically and offer it up as a gesture of support and love for them," said Anita Maynard-Losh, event coordinator. "I think it's exciting to have so many people who have just been eager to come out and support them."

Maynard-Losh, Toby Clark and Susan Wilder of Perseverance Theater conceived of the benefit several weeks ago. Artists were approached or volunteered to perform 5- to 10-minute segments; the roster now includes groups such as the Juneau Lyric Opera, Perseverance Theatre, Alaska Youth Choir and Theatre in the Rough, and individual artists such as Joyce Parry Moore, Dave Hunsaker, Kathleen Wayne and Dan Wayne and Bill Garry.

"It was pretty troubling to hear that their house burned up," Kathleen Wayne said. "Where I can't replace those things and have things to give them, I can certainly lend my voice and help them that way."

She will perform "Glitter and Be Gay" from the Juneau Lyric Opera's recent performance of "Candide," and will join the other opera chorus members for a group performance of "Make Our Garden Grow."

Her husband, Dan Wayne, will perform a duet from "The Secret Garden" with Bill Garry.

"If you're involved in the arts in Juneau, there's no way you haven't been influenced or helped, directly or indirectly, by the Rogers," Dan Wayne said. "In some way, they helped lay a trail for performers who haven't even met them or heard of them before."

Maynard-Losh emphasized that the most important aspect of the benefit is community attendance.

"We really want people to come and support them just by their presence," she said. "If we raise some money for them to help them rebuild, that would be terrific."

Over the years, George and Jean Rogers have participated in or supported numerous local arts groups. They were regular performers in the Juneau Lyric Opera's shows, and have aided organizations from the Juneau Symphony to Perseverance Theatre, which helped transform Jean Rogers' "King Island Christmas" children's book into a successful musical. The concert's title, "The Gift of Trouble," comes from a song in the musical.

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