Truly a public course

Posted: Thursday, May 31, 2001

Thank you for the editorial of Sunday, May 27, in support of the efforts by Totem Creek Inc. to develop a golf course at a site designated by the CBJ Assembly for that purpose.

As a director of Totem Creek, a nonprofit corporation, I have worked on this project for over six years. I have visited the site on numerous occasions while accompanying road builders, golf course construction contractors, biologists, foresters, environmental engineers, botanists, naturalists, our golf course architect, Bill Robinson, and a number of people simply interested in the project.

Although over level ground, it is not an easy walk, taking about 45 minutes to cover a mile and a half along a survey line that begins near the end of North Douglas Highway. The area is isolated by a screen of brush and bog, but of those who have made the hike, most return convinced that a golf course could be built there at a reasonable cost and that it will be as fine a recreational area as our community could hope for.

Aside from being on well-drained land, the site is oriented to receive maximum sunlight during the summer months, it receives less than half the rain of downtown Juneau and is at a low elevation well below the snow line.

The golf course will include substantial cart paths providing off-season recreational opportunities attractive to non-golfers such as cross country skiing, jogging and nature walks, including bird watching and wildlife viewing. This will truly be a public golf course.

Our board appreciates the many expressions of support we've received over the years. Your editorial encourages us to continue the work so long in progress.

Peter Metcalfe


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