Business Profile: Curtis Hopson
Title and firm: Curtis Hopson is proprietor, with wife Chantana, of Chan's Thai Kitchen at 11820 Glacier Hwy.

Business briefs
Knowles honors Alaska exporters; Cellular One enhances coverage; Local firm wins audit contract

The power of demographics
I have two seemingly unrelated questions. What is the potential for new industry in Juneau, and why can't I meet any single women? Recently published 2000 census figures (available at the state of Alaska, and city of Juneau Web pages) shed some light on the answers.

In The Tank
Juneau gas prices as of Wednesday evening

City rental housing tight
Veronica Shaffer used to spend 40 percent of her monthly income on rent. At $700 a month for a one-bedroom apartment with no washer, dryer or utilities included, Shaffer found rental rates unreasonable.Her pets were not happy either. After months of searching, the apartment was the only place where she could keep her dog and cat.

Mother and daughter put new slant on barbershops
Alana Hein did not tell her mother that when she was at barber school in East Los Angeles, she saw a man pull a knife on a woman for cutting his hair too short."The teachers would warn us about former students they've had who got shot in a drive-by shooting because they cut someone's hair wrong," said Alana. "People here are much nicer."

Not fun and games
I have always known that Duck Creek Market was a drive-through liquor store and not a grocery store. And, like a lot of little stores throughout the country, are the liquor industry's guise of respectability to sell their product in residential areas. It should be a crime to sell beer and wine on the same premises as bread and milk.

For caring, sharing
On Saturday, May 25, my father and I brought my 9-day-old son, Savion-Moon, to the Juneau Bartlett Emergency Room. We were there from 4 p.m. until his passing at 7:14 p.m. that evening. We would like to publicly thank each and every person who helped us and my son that evening.

Very confusing
Brian Johnson claims (Empire, May 29) I "assaulted" his character by asking if there are contradictions or conflicts of interest between his job at Juneau Economic Development Council and his "Three Cheers" support of "Sen." Vic Kohring and "other Senate Republicans" (Empire, May 23).

Build it soon
As a high school student in Juneau I was very excited and nervous when I first read about the Steamship/Marine Park improvement plan in the Empire on March 31.

Simple rental economics
I was not surprised by the figures reported in Thursday's article on rental housing. As the duplex owner who rented to the pet-owner featured in the article, I also participated in the DOL rental market survey. For most small property owners like myself, rental rates are governed by basic economics - in the long term it makes no sense to rent out a building for less than it costs.

Theft upsetting
I discovered over the weekend that someone has come to the Evergreen Cemetery and dug up all the "snow on the mountain"

Intervention required
Through ignorance mankind believes he alone can stand outside the ecosystem: The wise believe mankind must live and direct it from within. The Nobel Peace Prize winner 30 years ago, Norman Borlaug, who once stood outside now stands within (Wall Street Journal, May 13).

Write letters
The tide was low as I walked along the docks Tuesday night, and had a late meal at Pel' Meni's. You could smell the stench of low tide all through town, and when I came home to my apartment, the air was rank with my window open to keep the overheated room cool. It was gloomy, but something exhilarating hung with me.

In a world of change
With the latest USFS wilderness evaluation study of wildlands and wilderness areas of the Tongass, the public perhaps for the last time of this era has a chance to reassess our Alaska relationship and dependence on wilderness lands.

Time for change
In the Empire Letters of May 29, Michael D. Christenson wrote about his proposal to replace the current election system with one based on the jury selection process. I perceive he has been mocked and patronized by authority and professional politicians for his contribution to the public good - reducing him to a bit of sarcasm. But he will have the last laugh!

Hear them, cheer them
I am a mother of one of the members of you Juneau Pride Chorus. I just want to tell the city of Juneau that you can really be proud of the chorus that bears the city's name. I heard them perform in Seattle, and they really brought the house down.

Thanks to vets
To all the veterans who served in war or peace time, thank you. With Desert Storm and Sept. 11 people rally around the flag. Yet all veterans have heard the snide remarks about being stupid, or a loser for serving their country.

Memorial dedicated to Native vets
"Gitwaaltk," "Gaayhldaa la aaygaa" and "X egaa Kawu" - the Tsimshian, Haida and Tlingit words for warrior - emblazon the white marble headstones displayed at the Southeast Alaska Native Veterans Memorial in downtown Juneau.The memorial also includes three headstones displaying the Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian words for courage along with a marble centerpiece reminding observers to "not dwell on their passing but remember their shining spirits that will live on forever."

Around Town
Around Town is a listing of local nonprofit events.

Attorney Bruce Weyhrauch to run for Valley House seat
With the June 1 filing deadline imminent, another candidate has joined the race for Juneau Rep. Bill Hudson's soon-to-be vacated Mendenhall Valley House seat.Republican Bruce Weyhrauch filed for the position Thursday. If he wins the primary, he likely will face Democratic candidate Tim Grussendorf, who announced his candidacy May 15.

Money slated for schools, public safety
Juneau Assembly members on Wednesday approved a slate of new spending requests that total $1.4 million over two years.

Police and Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reported:

Around Town
Around Town is a listing of local nonprofit events.

Local man trades life of travel for education
Jay Wakefield believes his relationships with others are some of the most valuable aspects of his life."When you're not with your family, friends make up your family, blood or not," said Wakefield, a bartender at the Red Dog Saloon. "Treat everybody the way you want to be treated and treat your friends like they were family."

Police and Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reported:

Police identify campsite body
Police have identified the remains of the man they found May 23 at a campsite near the Alaska-Juneau gold mine ruins as Ralph Gordon, 69. Police said Gordon was identified Thursday afternoon by his sister, Janet Hess of Hackettstown, N.J. Police said they had difficulty locating Hess and could not positively identify Gordon for a week after he was found at the Mount Roberts campsite

Photo: 'Q' makes an appearance
Actor John de Lancie speaks with Danette Mae-Nugent on Wednesday at the Juneau Mac Users Group picnic at Auke Rec. De Lancie is best known for his role in "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and "Star Trek: Voyager" as "Q," the omnipotent mischievous being.

Walk inspires hope in those touched by cancer
For Tish Griffin, the Cancer Survivors Day Walk came at the right time. Juneau residents began participating in the National Cancer Survivors Day event five years ago, just as Griffin was diagnosed.

The Nut Files: Students look for evidence of flying squirrels
For years, scientific publications have denied their existence. Despite sightings and a perfect habitat, officials never have changed the books. But earlier this month, students from Dzantik'i Heeni Middle School trekked into the woods of Douglas Island to see if the truth was out there - about the elusive flying squirrel.


Assembly may boost tax rates
The Juneau Assembly is considering a plan to increase the property tax rate and dip into reserves to fund a $1.4 million increase in the city's budget over the next two years.Assembly members spent nearly five hours Wednesday working thorough a list of funding requests. The proposal would add money for the Juneau School District, the police and fire departments, the Juneau Economic Development Council and arts groups.

National Alliance strikes again
JUNEAU - Some local residents awoke this morning to hate-sprinkled lawns after members of the National Alliance, a neo-Nazi organization, left fliers in yards in the Mountainside Estates and Lemon Creek areas.

Planning Commission wants changes in city's tourism blueprint
City planning officials are expressing concerns about the final draft of the Juneau Tourism Management Plan.The plan, a document that lays out a long-range plan for future tourism developments in Juneau, is slated for adoption by the Juneau Assembly once it receives input from local governing boards and commissions.

Assembly working through details of port fees
Juneau Assembly members are giving North West CruiseShip Association members time to work out a port-funding arrangement as the city revises a passenger fee for dock projects.Over the past several months, city officials' support has bounced between funding port projects through a tonnage fee, a passenger fee and negotiated contracts with the cruise industry. The Assembly adopted a $1.73-per-passenger fee earlier this month, but restarted discussions after private dock users threatened legal action.

Assembly drops tax rate hike
Juneau homeowners won't see an increase in the property tax rate this year, after all.In retooling the city's two-year budget on Thursday, Juneau Assembly members unanimously agreed to crop spending, pull more from reserves and divert school project funds. As a result, the city avoided increasing the property tax rate, Finance Committee Chairman Jim Powell said.

Assembly adds money to social service programs
Juneau Assembly members decided Thursday to boost funding for local social service programs by $215,000 this year with revenues from the city's tobacco excise tax.

Junior belle
Ashley Sue Rose Murphy, daughter Pat Murphy and Dallas Ingram and granddaughter of Rose Murphy and Kym Ingram, is shown in her Southern Belle dress, which she wore as a participant in the Junior Belle program recently at Cypress Gardens in Florida. The Southern Belle has long been a Cypress Gardens icon and select girls get to experience this 50-plus-year tradition.

Enanoria, Myers to wed
William B. Enanoria and Tammy S. Myers of Juneau will be married at 2 p.m. on Saturday, June 1 in Juneau. The wedding and following reception are by invitation.

JDHS students honored
Juneau-Douglas High School Student Recognition concluded its 12th year of awards on Tuesday with a ceremony at Egan Library on the University of Alaska Southeast campus.

Thank you
...for the support; ...for your help; ...for the donations.

Neighbors briefs
Advisory group sets meeting; Council looking for performers

Hortons to hold open house for couple
Friends and family are invited to an open house honoring Mr. and Mrs. David and Jennifer Horton from 2 to 4 p.m. on Sunday, at the home of Dee Williams at 12155 Mendenhall Loop Road.

Kullander, Crosswhite to marry
Daniel Kullander and Jaimee Crosswhite of Juneau will be married at 4 p.m. on Saturday, June 1 at Juneau Christian Center.

Horton, Mason to wed
Allison T. Horton of Juneau and David M. Mason of Bismarck, N.D., will be married in a ceremony planned for June 8 at 1:30 p.m. at Douglas Island Bible Church.

Esther Grace Kassner
Juneau resident Esther Grace (Childs) Kassner, 89, died May 27, 2002, at the Juneau Pioneers Home.

Sigrun Elizabeth 'Betty' McDowell
Juneau resident Sigrun Elizabeth "Betty" McDowell, 90, died May 28, 2002, in Juneau.

My Turn: The young and restless caucus
A lot of political shoes will drop at 5 p.m. Saturday, June 1, when the deadline passes for candidates to file to run for all 40 seats in the Alaska House of Representatives and 17 of 20 seats in the Alaska Senate.

My Turn: New harbor rates represent loss
I recently received a supplementary bill for $54.60 from the Harbor Office. This increase, on top of other flat-rate increments over the past seven years, has raised the annual moorage bill for my 18-foot skiff by 78 percent from $277 to $492. Only this class of stall, comprising 98 of 864 in town, has been targeted for a fee increase. Why were the smallest boat owners singled out now and other users let off? More specifically, what does the Harbors Board hope to gain?

Softball looking strong for state
Offensively strong and defensively sound, the Juneau-Douglas High School softball team is looking to make an impact at the state tournament in Anchorage this weekend."Physically we're one of the strongest, if not the strongest, team I remember seeing," coach Kari Monagle said. "We have depth in pitching, depth in defense of people who can play different positions. We have pretty strong bats."

Spring King Salmon Derby
Here are the standings in the Sixth Annual Spring King Salmon Derby, as reported at 8:25 a.m. on Thursday, May 30. The rankings include the angler's name, weight of the fish (in 10ths of a pound), date caught and what station the fish was turned into.

State baseball title in reach for Crimson Bears
The state title that eluded the Juneau-Douglas High School baseball team last season is once again in reach."This is what you really do this for - to see these kids play under pressure," Crimson Bears head coach Jim Ayers said. "The magic is being able to play fundamental baseball under pressure."

Sports In Juneau
Information on upcoming sports and outdoors events in Juneau.

Sports In Juneau
Information on upcoming sports and outdoors events in Juneau.

Minimal adjustment needed
For most athletes there's an adjustment period needed when they move up a level.But Juneau's Wade Walter didn't need one when he went from junior college to the NCAA Division I ranks this year with the Belmont University baseball team.

Spring King Salmon Derby Standings
Here are the standings in the Sixth Annual Spring King Salmon Derby, as reported at 7:54 a.m. on Friday, May 31. The rankings include the angler's name, weight of the fish (in 10ths of a pound), date caught and what station the fish was turned into.

Legislature puts off school labels
ANCHORAGE - State education officials have been given a two-year delay in establishing a labeling system meant to grade Alaska public schools.

Mulder won't seek re-election
Anchorage Republican Eldon Mulder, one of the most powerful members of the Legislature, announced today that he will not be a candidate for re-election.Mulder, 44, the House Finance Committee co-chairman and chief budget writer in that chamber, said he has concluded his young daughters need a stable year-round environment instead of being relocated to Juneau for four months every year.

State briefs
Cooler weather slows spread of wildfires in Alaska; Knowles signs coastal zone bill; Mother dies, children injured in Anchorage car crash

State briefs
Salmon derby ends today; Electric-power situation improves; Trails workday, awards Saturday; Food Bank undergoing changes

Ulmer makes it official
ANCHORAGE - Fran Ulmer became an official candidate for governor Wednesday by turning in her paperwork and a $100 check at the Division of Elections office. Minutes later, businessman Ernie Hall filed for his candidacy for lieutenant governor - the position Ulmer now holds - even though the two say they are not running as a team.

Subsistence meeting dies after AFN bows out
A meeting aimed at looking for solutions to the state's subsistence hunting and fishing conflict was canceled after the Alaska Federation of Natives decided not to attend.Sen. John Torgerson, a Kasilof Republican, said the meeting was called with only about a week's notice, which was not enough lead time for the AFN.

Photo: New port for wildlife
U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens, an Alaska Republican, inspects an African red python skin Wednesday at the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport in Anchorage. Stevens participated in a ribbon-cutting ceremony designating Anchorage as an official port of entry for fish and wildlife shipments. The snake skin is part of a collection of materials seized by Fish and Wildlife authorities.

Independent committee expected to look at veneer mill dealings
KETCHIKAN - Ketchikan Gateway Borough Mayor Jack Shay plans to go along with the Borough's Assembly on an investigation of the borough's dealings with bankrupt Gateway Forest Products, which built a veneer mill in Ketchikan only to run out of money just as production began.

Probe of Sitka police finds no wrongdoing
SITKA - An investigation of the Sitka Police Department has found no criminal misconduct, despite allegations earlier this year that the department broke the law dozens of times.

Lancaster says he won't run for State House again
KENAI Rep. Ken Lancaster, a Republican from Soldotna who was a key member of the Legislature's Fiscal Policy Caucus, will not seek re-election.

What's up with that?
Q: What's up with the new stoplights going up on Glacier Highway around the Nugget Mall and the Juneau Airport? It seems like they have been taking forever to get installed. When are they going to be turned on?

Movies Where & When
"Promises," (not rated) 7 p.m. Friday, May 31, Juneau-Douglas High School auditorium. Juneau Arts and Humanities Council film, documentary about seven Israeli and Palestinian children ages 9-13 living in Jerusalem; in Arabic, Hebrew and English, with subtitles.

What's happening

Best Bets: Top films: From mideast to a modern 'MacBeth'
This weekend we're sandwiched between Juneau Jazz and Classics, which wrapped up Sunday, and Celebration 2002, which starts next weekend. Two films and a variety show of music are the highlights this weekend.

Paintings by Alaska master donated to state museum
Three paintings by renowned Alaska artist Sidney Laurence have been acquired by the Alaska State Museum and will be on display this summer. One painting depicts the rolling surf of an Alaska seascape, another a sourdough outside a cabin in summer and the third is a landscape featuring Denali.

This Week Briefs
Wizard of Oz carnival kicks off 'The Daring Days of Reading'; Volunteer marching band seeks musicians; Jesse Manibusan in town for free concert; Pride Day events

Inspired by tradition
Native artist Clarissa Hudson took influences from Hawaii and Jamaica, the Seminole and her own Tlingit heritage to create "Copper Woman," a regalia dance outfit that won Best of Show at the Sealaska Juried Art Show.

New book documents Celebration
As a child in Juneau in the 1960s, Samuella Samaniego pored over art books in the Juneau Public Library. Now a fine-art and commercial photographer, she's about to see a book of her own work on the shelves of Alaska's libraries.

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