The objective truth about abortion?

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, May 31, 2005

It seems to me that Sidney Heidersdorf (May 27, "The objective truth about abortion" ) is playing fast and loose with the facts when claiming to provide the "objective truth associated with abortion." Consider these facts:

Fact One: The reality of being a woman. An adult woman is entitled to full civil rights and protection under the law. To value a pregnancy more than the woman herself is to subjugate her.

Fact Two: A fetus is not a child. Unquestionably, a child has successfully passed through birth and entered into infancy. "Umbert the Unborn" is a cartoon, not a child.

Fact Three: Being anti-abortion is itself a kind of moral relativism. Consider anti-abortion sentiments that are based on a certain conception of Christianity. Two-thirds of the earth's population are not even Christian. Biblically-based morals and values are meaningless to them, as their ethics have other foundations. Even among Christians, many, if not most, favor a woman's right to choose. For a Christian minority to claim that only their morals and values are universal is a form of bigotry.

Other facts could be placed on the table as well, such as the fact that mortality and morbidity rates for teen women who give birth are higher than for those who have abortions. But the facts are not really the issue, are they?

Like everyone else, I know women, even teenagers, who have both kept and terminated pregnancies. And I hope that my heart is big enough to embrace them all. Compassion, I believe, is the greatest value. A statement of belief, not fact.

Robin Walz


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