A student concerned about our new high school

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, May 31, 2007

Our new high school was originally estimated to be $35.96 million. It then grew to an estimation of $38.25 million, and then to $46.97 million, and then to $54 million! A few months ago, they asked for $21.6 million more! Now they want another $17.1 million.

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What I would like to know is where will it stop? I estimate that by 2008 our Thunder Mountain High School will have a thunderous cost. Why does it cost this much money for a building with desks and books for students to go and learn? This price does not include payroll for any of the teachers, the principal or any of the workers that will be there when this school is completed.

It sounds to me that multiple people have their hands in the "money pot" and are being paid far too much for this task of building a school. I imagine that by 2008, our school will end up costing $100 million unless someone stops and re-evaluates the situation, lowers wages to a reasonable level and keeps them there, or at least hires a competent budget keeper!

This information is important for all of Juneau to know. We can then stand up, and use our tax dollars for something such as building a school instead of lining the pockets of these people who we have put in charge of this operation.

If I were in charge, I would immediately stop and really look into where all the money is going. For one thing, buildings with desks and books and rooms shouldn't cost $75 million. I am a high school student who may very well attend this high school. I am concerned about the endless suction of our community's tax dollars. Many of us are just simple students wanting a fitting place to go to school.

Aaron Marble


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