Time to end the war, start a new political party

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Democratic Party has failed us, and I wish I could say it was for the last time.

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They sailed into power in the House and Senate because we thought they could do something to end this war and end the corruption that is eating the heart out of our political system. But we've learned - at the cost of more lives, many of them civilians who just want to live peacefully, many of them soldiers who are friends and family - that the Democratic Party is as much a part of the corrupt power structure in Washington, D.C., as the Republican Party.

The purpose of both parties seems to be to give our money to the private sector, our lives to their failed and half-hearted policies and our liberties to the hopeless cause of an endless war against an enemy they've worked hard to create and support.

Will our children grow up in a world where the precepts laid down in the Constitution are meaningless? Where corporations are the ultimate power? Where the human rights to live, breathe and drink clean water come at a price? A world in which dissent is intolerable, slavery and torture are accepted, and a perpetual state of war is taken for granted while a few people at the top enjoy what we once thought was our birthright?

George Washington left office warning us about party politics, but here we are: We've got the Corporate Welfare Party and the other corporate welfare party. They've been playing good cop/bad cop with us since World War II, when a few people at the helm of a democracy thought they could take over the world. It makes me wonder if capitalism really works, or if it needs the fleecing of an electorate to function.

We need to stop this war and then form our own opposition party. Easy for me to say, I know, but the alternative is mass nonparticipation in the system that takes our money and uses it to kill people for no good reason. Do you think the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan would argue at this point with an order to come home?

Jamison Paul


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