Gay Pride Carnival seeks to unite

First such event for Juneau is meant to celebrate diversity

Posted: Thursday, June 01, 2000

It's a street fair with everything from children's games to a drag show.

But, most importantly, it's the first Gay Pride Carnival to take place in Juneau.

``This is really about celebrating the diversity of the Juneau community,'' said one of the event's organizers, Sara Boario.

From political speeches to the rock 'n' roll of Peabody's Monster, the Gay Pride Carnival is designed to bring the community together.

``One of Juneau's strengths is we come together despite our differences,'' Boario said. ``There's a lot of support out there from people of all different orientations and lifestyles. This town is great that way.''

The street party takes place Sunday at the Silverbow Bakery and Back Room Restaurant, their parking lot, and on Second Street between Main and Seward streets. The carnival includes more than 15 musical acts, magic by Jeff Brown, storytelling by Brett Dillingham and games for families.

``We're not trying to be folk fest, but the support from the musicians in town has been really beautiful,'' Boario added.

The Gay Pride Carnival hopes to attract people from all parts of the community and inspire public participation in the advancement of civil rights, she said.

``We'd like to bring together all the different groups and create a stronger voice. That would make it better to get things done,'' said organizer Chris Beanes, who believes just planning the event has brought people together.

``I grew up in small towns in Alaska and after going away to college, I was worried about returning to a small-town atmosphere,'' said Boario, also a member of the musical group, Been in Timber.

``But it's been great to find out that people are really wonderful. This event is a small-town celebration of our differences.''

The Gay Pride Carnival is sponsored by the Silverbow Bakery and Back Room Restaurant; Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays; Amazon Construction and many individual contributors.

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