Thank you

Posted: Friday, June 01, 2001

...for the rescue

Last Saturday a group of us were lucky enough to visit Benjamin Island for an overnight camping trip, taking advantage of our day of summer. We were breaking camp early the next morning when one of our party slipped and fell, resulting in a very painful re-breaking of the leg on which he had recently had surgery. Two of our party had cell phones so we were able to call 911 for help immediately. They in turn put us through to the Coast Guard who coordinated with the Fish and Wildlife troopers, emergency medical technicians and Temsco Helicopters in getting us the help we wanted.

This it to acknowledge and thank the many people who were involved: Trooper Arlen Skaflestad and his crew member, Ken McIntosh; EMTs Rick Duncan and Pete Hettinger; pilot Paul Kirschel; the 911 dispatcher; the emergency room at Bartlett Memorial Hospital; Dr. Gross; and others whose names we weren't able to learn. Not only do we have excellently trained personnel, but seeing the resources that can be brought together by a single call to 911 makes us grateful to live in Alaska.

Kate Bowns and the rest of the campers

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