Oceans have no pollution borders

Posted: Friday, June 01, 2001

With regards to the special session for HB260, Oceans Blue Foundation (Canada) supports Gov. Knowles' efforts to bring meaningful closure to his longstanding dedication to achieve environmental regulation of the burgeoning cruise ship industry in Alaska's pristine waterways.

Oceans Blue Foundation is based in Vancouver, B.C., the port gateway for cruise ship routes along the Inside Passage to Alaskan waters. We share the people of Alaska's commitment to protecting our shared waters and look forward to trans-boundary cooperative efforts.

We believe that neither man, woman nor state is an island, therefore all states must cooperate to ensure that the actions of one do not harm the aspirations and livelihood of another. Our oceans and their living creatures do not know the meaning of borders, so all states should take efforts to manage them as an integrated whole based on science rather than politics. States should work with their neighbors to coordinate efforts and ideas for the prevention, reduction and control of marine environmental pollution.

Oceans Blue Foundation upholds the principle that the polluter will bear the primary responsibility for the costs of the pollution including, where possible, the restoration of the environment to its state previous to the act of pollution. Alaska and Canada share common waters, and a common endeavor with regards to the cruise ship industry.

William G. Bullis, Chair

Oceans Blue Foundation (Canada)

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