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Posted: Friday, June 01, 2001

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I want to thank the city for instituting the new bus schedule. For those of us who choose not to have cars, life has gotten a lot easier.

Elva Bontrager

I'm calling on everybody who lives in Juneau to help rebuild the outlook site on the Mendenhall Marsh. My name is Kirk McClane and call me if you want to help out at 789-6128. Anyone who can donate lumber, labor, or anything. Let's get it going, let's put it back together and undo what the vandals did.

Kirk McClane

Parents of Juneau: The family Mental Health Center is getting ready to close its doors. They've agreed to keep it open until the end of June. If you want to see treatment taken away from kids, then sit back and do nothing. If you want to see the children of Juneau get what they are entitled to as far as counseling services, medication monitoring, you need to call Karen Forrest at 465-4914; Kevin Brownley, president of the board of directors for JYS, at 465-4276; Commissioner Karen Perdue at 465-3030; and Chuck Bennet, the executive director of JYS, at 789-4733. Do not allow them to take away the only option low- and middle-income people have for their children. There's going to be a public forum. Speak out, don't allow them to do this to the children of Juneau. And Juneau Empire: You need to find out what's happening and stop hiding. You need to let the people of Juneau know what's going on behind their backs in regards to their children.

Katherine Ryan

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